Why You Should Adopt Not Shop

Thinking about getting a pet? If so, consider visiting an animal shelter. There are millions of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and hamsters that can be found in various shelters around the U.S. Unfortunately, there are way more animals than people who are willing to adopt.

Here are three reasons why you should adopt your next pet.

1. You’d be helping out an animal in need

By purchasing an animal at a pet store you would be supporting cruel puppy mills, people who breed dogs and cats for profit. This is not necessary, due to the overwhelming excess of dogs and cats stuck in shelters for months and even years on end. If a person loves animals so much, why should they have to be selective in which breed they want, when they can help those without homes? Plus, it shouldn’t have to be about the animal’s looks that make you fall in love, but about their personality and how you both make each other happy.

2. It’s cheaper

Adoption fees cost much less than buying a dog from a pet store or breeder.

3. Adoption fees generally include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and micro-chipping

These included costs in the adoption fee will make for a smoother, hassle-free process, and may even be cheaper.

4. Most pre-owned dogs may already be housetrained

5. More than six million dogs and cats enter shelters every year

You would be saving an animal’s life by adopting, and they will be much happier with you in their new home than alone in a tight space.

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