The Differences Between Female and Male Dog Personalities

Thinking about getting a new dog? Think carefully about whether you want a female or a male dog. There are some key differences between the personalities of each that can determine which one is for you.

Female dogs are known to be more protective and territorial of their puppies and owners. While male dogs are also protective, the motherly instincts of female dogs enable them to naturally be more protective. Male dogs are however, more territorial of their surroundings. Therefore, it may be ideal for a woman who wants a dog for protective reasons — to get a female dog.

Male dogs are known to be more hyperactive and affectionate than female dogs, so if you are looking for a quiet, introverted companion, get yourself a female dog. Male dogs can give off more attention, and thus expect the same in return. They are more needy and will require that you show them love. Depending on your personality, you may prefer one over the other.

Ultimately, there is no superior sex, as both female and male dogs each have distinct characteristics that can be beneficial for you depending on your personality.