Why Are Black Dogs and Cats Less Likely to be Adopted?

Besides the overabundance of animals at shelters waiting desperately to be adopted, black dogs and cats are the least likely to find a new home. As a result, they get euthanized at a higher rate. Here are a few reasons why these animals may not get the love they deserve:

1. Superstitious people

This sounds silly to most, but there are people who simply believe black dogs and cats are evil and bring bad luck.

2. They get easily overlooked – or not seen at all

As people walk through the halls of a shelter, sometimes they may not notice the animal due to its dark color. People are naturally drawn to color, and they may just think that a lighter dog or cat’s features stand out more.

3. They may look older than they are

If a black cat or dog has a few white hairs on its face, it may appear older as the white stands out against its black fur. When it comes to adopting, people can easily be deceived as they might not be one hundred percent sure of the animal’s age.

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, don’t overlook black dogs and cats and encourage others to consider them. They are just as adorable as others and the bonus is that their fur always looks extra shiny!