Stay Away from Purina’s Beneful Dog Food and Treat Line

Just recently, beautybyrosita on YouTube had her dog pass away from eating Purina’s Beneful treats just like thousands of people who have unfortunately had happen to their dogs as well. If you look up Purina’s Beneful brand, you will see a plethora of sites linking to testimonials from people who have had their pets get severely ill and some eventually were killed from this brand.

Over the years, numerous online complaints were made against Purina for its dog food. Further steps were taken as a class-action lawsuit was filed by Frank Lucido on February 5th, 2015 for the company’s abhorrent negligence in putting several toxic ingredients harmful to dogs in their food.

Unlike the human food industry where there are laws against calling something healthy when it’s not, there is no such law for the dog food industry.

According to, Lucido’s lawsuit states the following problems that dogs have suffered from in which they claim links back to Purina’s Beneful products:

– Stomach and related internal bleeding problems
– Liver malfunction or failure
– Diarrhea
– Dehydration
– Weight loss
– Vomiting
– Seizures
– Bloat and kidney failure

Lucido’s attorney Jeff Cereghino told The Daily Beast:

“We found a significant number of folks who were trying to draw exactly the same causal link…when I look at 4,000? Holy hell, there’s a lot of people out here…If it’s a hundred or so, it’s like, ‘Okay, a lot of dogs eat Beneful; things happen.’ But when you start getting into the thousands… The long and short of it is the complaint pyramid is such that even with the Internet–easy access to complain about things– there’s still a very large percentage of folks who simply don’t complain, or whose vet tells ‘em, ‘We don’t know what happened,’ and they’re not drawing conclusions or leaping to assumptions.”

The lawsuit lists two possible ingredients that resulted in the deaths of thousands of dogs. The first harmful substance is propylene glycol, which is FDA-approved, and an additive found in anti-freeze. The second harmful substance is mycotoxins, which is a toxic byproduct of mold. Although there have been no tests conducted that reveal whether these ingredients are included in the dog food, Cereghino believes the lawsuit is the first step to finding out what Beneful’s products are made of and where they come from.